Lady Altrincham Tormarton Village Pond Trust

The village pond and adjacent withy beds were given to the village by the Grigg family as a memorial to Lady Joan Altrincham who lived at Tormarton Court from the early thirties until her death in 1987. Her initials JA have been incorporated into the design of the gate at the road entrance to the pond.

The pond is now a registered charity, owned in trust by the parish council and looked after by a small group of villagers. It is managed sympathetically to conserve and improve the biodiversity of the natural environment while at the same time allowing both villagers and visitors to enjoy the space. There is no public access to the withy beds which provide a quiet and safe haven for nesting birds.

The area is home to a wide variety of birds, small manuals, amphibians and insects. At least 25 different species of birds have been spotted in the area including heron, dove, nuthatch, treecreeper, pied wagtail and woodpecker.

For more information about the pond and its trust please contact Stella Turner by email at

A link to download a copy of the trust’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

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The Lady Altrincham Tormarton Village Pond Trust (LATVP) Sponsorship Scheme

A sponsorship scheme has been set up to help raise funds to maintain and improve the pond and adjacent withy beds.
Those wishing to help the environment and support this important conservation area, situated in the heart of the village, are invited to sponsor a tree or shrub.

Sponsors select a tree/shrub from a list that includes trees that are already in situ and new trees/shrubs that are being planted in the area surrounding the pond to replace the ash trees that were lost due to ash die back disease. They may wish to dedicate the tree to someone special, perhaps a loved one they have lost.

Sponsorship can be anything from £20 to £200+ there is no upper limit! It is up to the sponsor to decide how much they wish to contribute.

All sponsors will be issued with a certificate giving details of the tree and the dedication, if applicable.

The framed certificates make an ideal present for friends and family who would appreciate a ‘green gift’.

Details will also be entered in our ‘Sponsorship Register’ which can be viewed using the link provided below, allowing convenient access to a permanent on-line record.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative and helping to protect a wildlife haven at the centre of the Tormarton community please contact Stella Turner E;, T;01454 218537 M;07375462779

NB; the erection of plaques or any other memorial within the LATVP conservation area is not compatible with the Trusts “objects”  laid out in its Governing Document.


Sponsorship Register



List of Trees and Pond Plan



Equality and Diversity Policy

Below are copies of the governing documents by which the LATVP Trust is managed.