Tormarton Fuel Club is a purchasing group which aims to provide its members with a better price for central heating oil than can be achieved with individual orders. Currently, the club has 89 members and anyone living within a radius of 15 miles of Tormarton village may join the club.

Membership of the club is absolutely free.

The estimated savings should be 1-4 p/litre depending on the season. The club has no involvement with money and payment for oil is between individual members and the oil company.

Further details of how the club operates are given on the membership application form.

Join the Fuel Club by filling in and submitting the on-line application form below.

Alternatively, simply download and complete a paper application form and email or post this to: John Wells at or Drake House, Tormarton, Badminton, GL9 1HU.

Download Fuel Club Application form as a Word document.

Download Fuel Club Application form if you do not have Microsoft Word installed.

You need Adobe Reader installed to read .pdf files.